Nordrenalean HSL is a weight loss supplement that has been manufactured and marketed by ProCard Nutrition to help raise your metabolism and help increase your ability to burn fat.

Because the theory behind Nordrenalean HSL’s formula seems sound, we decided to take a closer look at its ingredients to see what this weight loss supplement is really capable of.

What Is Nordrenalean HSL?

Nordrenalean HSL is promised to be an advanced weight loss supplement that works with your body’s natural ability to process fat and turn those love handles into energy.

The acronym “HSL” in its name stands for “hormone sensitive lipase” and ProCard Nutrition says that Nordrenalean HSL’s formula is designed specifically to help balance those hormones out, thus increasing your metabolism.

Nordrenalean HSL weight loss pill is promised to be able to stimulate your thyroid to produce more of the messenger hormones that trigger the burning of fat.

Does It Work?

Although we think that ProCard definitely had a good theory when making Nordrenalean HSL, after looking at its ingredients, we can see that there’s not much to back up the theory.

Most of its ingredients are merely stimulants that work to just speed up your body’s natural processes. Even though stimulants have been shown to help your body burn a few extra calories, it is not enough to lose large amounts of weight, nor is it a sustainable way to lose weight.

Not only are stimulants less than effective ways to lose weight, but they are also dangerous for you. Nordrenalean HSL uses synephrine which is an alternative to the very dangerous ephedra.

Synephrine was developed as a safer form of ephedra, but it was not long until it was found to be just as dangerous as the drug it was supposed to replace, causing heart attacks and even strokes.


After looking at Nordrenalean HSL’s ingredient list, we can see that it only masquerades as a scientific weight loss supplement. In reality, Nordrenalean HSL is one of your most basic stimulants.

Because Nordrenalean HSL isn’t anything special, we wouldn’t buy this product.