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Before I knew anything about the TestoGen supplements I searched the web looking for TestoGen complaints and reports of any related negative side effects. I found that the reviews and overall reception of the supplements are overwhelmingly positive.
Regardless, before I try anything new I always feel it’s important to find out everything I can about it so that I can either be prepared to deal with any side effects or negative issues, or if I find too many complaints I can turn away from the product all together. It’s just the way I am, and through researching the TestoGen supplements I managed to find the few complaints there are about the product itself.
The first of the TestoGen complaints, that I found was a little bit silly in my opinion, is that while you get your money back for the price of the supplement, you don’t get your money back for the shipping. While it is a slight expense to you, and that unfortunately for the purchaser the product didn’t work for them, the fact is that shipping is cheap for a small bottle of supplements and something that you can easily risk for the possibility of having more energy and focus throughout the day.
On top of that, I personally don’t think it’s fair that the manufacturer should have to pay for the fairly priced shipping costs. So, as far as I am concerned, this complaint isn’t a significant one, especially after reading all the positive reviews and my fantastic personal experience with the TestoGen supplements.
The next on the short list of TestoGen complaints is that some felt they delivered a to powerful increase in their testosterone levels. Luckily, there is a solution and one that many that experienced the side effect found resolved the problem.
They simply started taking partial dosages without issue. You can still get the results you want without actually having to take full doses and by taking smaller ones you end up increasing your testosterone levels by much less than 60 percent. It makes it much easier for you to decide how much you want to affect your testosterone levels with these supplements and just how powerful you want your results to be.
One of the weaker of the TestoGen complaints is that while the 99% of the reviews are great, some wondered why there hasn’t been any extensive testing done. Testing has been carried out and all showed positive results but none of the tests were carried out in control groups. At first I wondered about this myself but as more and more studies are released and more and more reviews were posted on the internet by happy clients, it seemed like more of a coincidence that a warning sign. These positive results are real and the natural ingredients, Saw Palmetto and Astaxanthin, have a long and positive history when it comes to boosting energy and focus in older males.
Bottom line, the TestoGen supplements work and can deliver the healthy, focused lifestyle you deserve.